Hardwood Flooring installations and Restoration Contractor Denver Metro

Welcome to Design and Elegance – Your Premier Hardwood Flooring Experts in the Denver Metro Area

Here at Design and Elegance, we are masters of the craft when it comes to hardwood flooring and offer firsthand expertise in the installation process. Our skilled team works hard to provide incredible hardwood flooring installations and restoration.

Hardwood Flooring installations and Restoration Contractor Denver metro

Hardwood Floor Installation in Denver metro

Denver Hardwood Flooring Contractor are designed to introduce warm and sleek fashion into your home. Each space is unique, so there are perfect wood species, finished & installation for your taste and lifestyle. From just one room to your entire house, our master tradesmen provide top-notch workmanship on every project.

We take specialized care in every installation job starting with a detailed consult to understand your vision. Our experts are here to assist you in choosing the best Northern Colorado Hardwood Installation for your home. Including tips on color, grain and durability. When you select your job, we get to work readying the subfloor to ensure it is clean level and all set for your new flooring. Even after we line up your new flooring so that looks as beautiful as possible, our skilled experts will methodically install each distinct plank correctly so that they last for years to come.

Hardwood Flooring Restoration

Even with a quality finish, without proper care and maintenance, hardwood flooring will lose its sheen over time. With our hardwood flooring restoration services, we breathe new life into your existing floors so that their beauty is maintained and their lifespan extended. Even if your floors are scratched and old and look like it, our restoration process will refurbish them to make it appear shiny new.

This can involve sanding, staining and refinishing by our experts. This will require us to check your floors and see where we need more in-depth cleaning. We use the best equipment and techniques to sand a clean, fresh surface. absence of elevations-data; fire milestone: deforestation Process: We will we remove at once. We then stain your wood of choice, in a shade of your choice to bring out the natural grain in the wood. Lastly, we coat with a protectant seal that keeps your floors looking beautiful and they are easy to clean.

Why Choose Design and Elegance?

Design and Elegance offers top this service seem, superb craftsmanship and the finer customer care. Enter our team, filled with enthusiasm for the hardwood flooring trade. We are ready to help you turn your vision into an actuality. Our installations are result oriented; whether you need new installations or want restoration services. We will always deliver enchanting, strong and elegant results for your cooking area.

Reach out today to set up a consultation. Start the process of replacing your floors with beautiful hardwood floor installation Denver metro.